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Your Bones Will Creak
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6th-Nov-2008 07:23 pm - I HAVE A FAKE D

people, please flame this person who is NOT me.
Happy late halloween, friends! I would've sent this last night if i hadn't been drunk.
Vote NO on Proposition 8.

Proposition 8 is a prop that represents inequality.
Black people, Asian people, Hispanic people, anyone in the minority diserve the same rights as the majority people do in America. But why should it be limited to race? Why do Gays not diserve the same rights, as human beings, as anyone else? Taking away the rights of any group of people because of who they are threatens the rights of anyone, and everyone.

It's probably really easy to be anti-equality when you're living the privlaged life of having all the rights other people are fighting for.

But I don't understand why anyone would be that selfish. What drives people to want to be better off than other people?

Prop 8 is a proposition for greed, and ignorance.

think, research, read, know before you vote what you're voting for, and think of whose lives you're effecting.

In the united states we have something called freedom of religion. Not all religions teach that marriage is only a union between men and women. Why should your religion be the law? It shouldn't, which is why freedom of religion exists.
Sarah Palin belongs in prison.
1st-Sep-2008 07:47 pm - GLASS SHIT
gdtfrgkjdafg I wish miz was online D;;;;;

I wanna see if he likes glass skin... even though I know he doesn't. If I think it's boring odds are so does he, because my tolerance for boring songs is higher. xDD
I just watched Philedalphia. To sum it up i cried violently through the final 20 minutes and for about ten minutes afterward.
When my mom cries it makes me wanna cry.
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